World of Warcraft: TBC nostalgie

Some more of my wow history…

Same as with classics nostalgie, sometimes I have The Burning Crusade nostalgie. Beeing busy at work it happened that I’ve bought TBC expansion a bit later than everyone in the guild. So when I hit the level cap, my guildmates were already conquering raid content for some time. And as my usual position of main tank requires to have the best possible gear, I had some problems with getting my raid slot. >>> >> >

World of Warcraft Classic nostalgie

A little bit of my wow history…

Every now and then I have nostalgia about old times in classic World of Warcraft, its hardcore mood and tough challenges. Also, those were very quality times for me in terms of getting some new experience in different things like learning English via playing computer game, recording gameplay process on the same crappy machine that running the game, video editing and of course, meeting with people that are far away, in different countries. >>> >> >

New wizard hero

New hero – wizard Li-Ming is already in the game! Yet another but really good and pretty glass cannon.

Offering little in the way of survivability, but capable of unleashing unparalleled amounts of burst damage upon her foes, Li-Ming’s play-style perfectly embodies the “glass cannon” archetype. Li-Ming’s core damaging abilities, Magic Missiles and Arcane Orb, deal high amounts of damage, but can be avoided by aware and fast-reacting enemies. Anticipating enemy movement and maintaining the proper positioning with Teleport will be key for successfully playing the rebellious wizard to her maximum potential. Li-Ming’s Heroic abilities grant the player a choice between a beam of massive arcane damage in Disintegrate, or a Wave of Force that knocks back and deals moderate damage to all enemies in an area. Li-Ming’s trait, Critical Mass, is the lynchpin of Li-Ming’s explosive kit. Rewarding players who go all-in to secure kills, Critical Mass grants a cooldown reset on all abilities (including Heroics) when scoring a takedown. Risky decisions often payoff when utilizing this trait – resulting in one kill potentially cascading into many more!