World of Warcraft: TBC nostalgie

Some more of my wow history…

Same as with classics nostalgie, sometimes I have The Burning Crusade nostalgie. Beeing busy at work it happened that I’ve bought TBC expansion a bit later than everyone in the guild. So when I hit the level cap, my guildmates were already conquering raid content for some time. And as my usual position of main tank requires to have the best possible gear, I had some problems with getting my raid slot.

Well, I have decided to find a guild with a free tank spot to continue my world of warcraft journey through the depths of all the dungeons. 😀 Luckily, I found it pretty fast. The guild <Repent> was in need of tank and after short conversation I had my guild-invite. This period of my life was most active about practicing English speech. I have to say that I have never spoke English (by voice I mean) with another person before so it was mind-blowing for me when I got invited to the Ventrilo server to speak about me, my character and other stuff. Well, <Repent> is a very good guild in terms of social things and people there are very friendly, so I got used to everything in no-time. And soon I was raiding as off-tank and main tank sometimes. A couple weeks ago <Repent> had a 10-year anniversary. Congratulations!

I didn’t stop to record the raids and guys in Repent really liked the fact that I am making videos. And here I have some nostalgie material for me and everyone else in this youtube playlist: